Monday, October 21, 2019

Levon Vincent combines New York house with minimalism on new album, World Order Music

Check out the visuals for the title track, featuring a cameo from the producer’s cat.

Levon Vincent is back with his third album, World Order Music.

The new record sees the producer combining his ongoing interest in New York house music with his love of minimal composers such as Steve Reich and La Monte Young. “If I had to pinpoint some kind of concept”, says Vincent, “it would involve combining euphoric dance sounds with techniques pioneered by the older minimalist composers.”

“This LP was written while traveling around playing for sweat-drenched dance floors, watching Brexit unfold, listening to old house music, and spending days in the studio with my cat.”

The album follows his 2015, self-titled debut and 2017’s For Paris, both of which were released on his own Novel Sound imprint.

World Order Music arrives on November 18, via Novel Sound.

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