Friday, May 1, 2020

These People are back! LISTEN TO "PAST TENSE" NOW

Today we have been treated to new music from Long Beach, New York indie band, These People.

This is 100% THESE PEOPLE at their best. The verses and choruses are unpredictably unique in rhythm and feel. The song goes in puzzling directions from 80's new wave verses to trippy progressive parts. It's a refreshing new step into the catalogue of the band's material.

'Past Tense' is dreamy and intimate, a pumping rock song with dissonant guitar riffs and haunting melodies. It feels like glooming post-punk, similar to Gang of Four and Wire. This is a new sound for them, a departure from the last single 'A / B Vision', which was more like grandiose Syd Barrett on psychedelic tranquilizers.

The production is flawless and smooth, mixed and produced by T J Penzone, Co-produced by his brother Rick Penzone, the result being a completely transcendent sound with a sonic variety of musical flavor and tone. The band explains:

"Past Tense has been around for a while in many forms. It started with a drum machine loop and busy guitar part, then evolved into something very different. Right before I had to turn my final mix in, my brother had the idea to totally change the bridge. He took out some of the music and added acoustic. At first the thought weirded me out cause we were running out of time, but it quickly became one of my favorite parts. Overall I’m really happy how this one turned out. I wouldn’t change a thing... again"

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