Monday, May 18, 2020

LA-based Grunge Rock Revivalists, Broken Machine, Announce "Kaleidoscopic Jam" via Pancakes and Whiskey

Los Angeles-based, grunge/rock revivalists, Broken Machine, announce “Fly Me to the Sun,” title track to their forthcoming EP, due out July 10, 2020.

Central figure and songwriter/vocalist, Schyler Douglas, states that the song is about “taking LSD and going through the transformation of shedding one’s own skin: burning everything that was oneself and remembering one's unity with the universe.” Additionally, the song and EP hold weight for the band in that they are looking to exhume grunge rock and rekindle an appreciation for melodies, harmonies, meaningful lyrics, and real instruments. With a past stained by indulgence, debauchery, and substance abuse, Broken Machine channel their inner demons into their brand of brooding Post Grunge.

Produced by Elliot Lanam and Broken Machine and mixed by legendary American record producer, Dave Fortman (Evanescence, Slipknot) and Mastered by Ted Jensen (Green Day/Alter Bridge), the EP shines in both compositional talent and production value. Broken Machine take pride in their ‘one take’ approach that refrains from production flattery and autotune gimmicks, which many would argue is a breath of fresh air.

With an in-your-face rhythm section, soaring guitar leads, and evocative vocal melodies and harmonies, Broken Machine’s sonic palette is equal parts moody, cathartic, and angst-forward, think Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots meet Foo Fighters.

"The song is a groovy, grungy trip that seems to nod to two of our favorite decades – the sixties and the nineties – with its sinuous melody and the power of their rhythm section. It’s fresh in its own right too; catchy and expansive in a way that would make you crank up the volume if it came on the radio." (Pancakes and Whiskey)

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