Monday, June 15, 2020

OUT SOON! Torchlight Parade - "Torchlight Parade"

If you have the misfortune of dying in St. Louis, Missouri there is a good chance you will soon become acquainted with local metal band Torchlight Parade.  The band was formed in the halls of a local funeral parlor by morticians.  The lead guitarist Doug Engel is a hearse driver, the lead singer Matt “Torch” Engel, is an embalmer and the drummer Greg Umfleet is a funeral director.  The band also includes non-mortician bass player Larry Hunter and guitarist Danny Nichols.  

The band’s name is meant to invoke the image of an ancient funeral procession.  The funeral motif is an element in their renowned live shows which regularly feature the singer emerging from a coffin, a full compliment of bagpipers, torches and even an appearance by Michael Myers of Halloween fame.

Thematically, their songs often consist of messages of death and an afterlife, with the occasional tune about a hot rod or a celebration of the country that founded rock-n-roll.  The liner notes of their self titled debut album even proudly declares all licensed funeral directors, embalmers and hearse drivers are eligible for free entrance to all Torchlight Parade shows.

Their sound can best be described as classic heavy metal, heavily steeped in the 70s foundations of the genre, with a strong nod to the 80s era where the guitar solo was king.  While a unique take on old styles,  one can hear elements of bands such as Twisted Sister, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Wasp and Alice Cooper in their sound.

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