Thursday, July 16, 2020

MOHIT's debut album 'Preface' - single preview ahead of album launch on July 24th

London experimental art-rock outfit MOHIT are set to release their forthcoming debut album ‘Preface’, produced by Marta Salogni (Björk, Liars, The Orielles, Alex Cameron etc) on 24th July, and today share brand new single Infinite Decay.

Infinite Decay came about after a strange and rather mystical encounter in Wales, said drummer Danny Brooks: "We pondered on the thought of an endless state of decay, that is never quite finite, hence the title."

He continues: "Forming from the spiritual encounter, Infinite Decay tries to deliver the human place in the cosmos - or rather - that which is beyond human experience. The song is composed in three parts which eludes to the lyrical concept of a beginning, a middle and an unwritten finale... The relentless looping of vocals echoes the eternity of the idea, as the song ends in a long droning groove which builds, evolves, and takes new forms towards its eventual close."

Shortly after releasing a limited 7” single in late 2018 (Racek / Discover Another) and a second 7” in July 2019 (Yoghurt / Reggaeezer), the progressive trio toured in the UK with Ought and Omni, including a Rough Trade East instore show. They now return with their first full length, an intriguing and transcendental body of work, that takes as much influence from the concept of musical and artistic connection between humans as it does the music and art itself.

Originally formed by Toby Baxter (Guitar/Vocals) and Danny Brooks (Drums/Vocals), and later joined by Jack Daley (Bass), the band honed their expansive sound in London after migrating from the seaside town of Bognor Regis. Their musical influences range from the prog elements of My Bloody Valentine and Broadcast to the dramatism of 19th century composers such as Eric Satie, Wagner, Mahler and Liszt. ‘Preface’ is an example of how MOHIT expertly collage different concepts together to create a whole. The band reveled in the challenge as they endeavoured to create something coherent from their otherwise shared “weirdness”, as they call it.

A deeply personal sonic exploration, the nine tracks that make up ‘Preface’ were borne out of improvisation sessions and a shared need to create something that was both outwardly challenging yet intimate and meditative. To MOHIT, this approach to composing music allows them to be pseudo-passengers on the journey, trialing ideas with a determination to let the music itself inform their collective performance.

The three-year period taken to put together the album allowed the band to gain a sophistication within the creative process, allowing them to express their individual mental states within their work. In this way the songs are formed from the collaboration of the personalities of each band member, and the album acts as a journal of their individual and collective growth over this period. Notable support slots with the likes of The Murlocs, Wooden Shijps, Nothing, Yonatan Gat, Vaadat Charigim, and The Parrots, have given them plenty of opportunity to fine tune this indefinable sound over this time.

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