Thursday, July 30, 2020

Sin City come out guns A-blazing with their 3rd full length offering ‘SIN CITY OR BUST’

Their 3rd full length offering this year, 'SIN CITY OR BUST' expands on their self-described 'Dad Rock' formula to deliver a more 'polished' DIY 70s sound. Traces of Big Star, Tom Petty and Neil Young can be heard on tracks like 'Where There's Smoke (There's Fire)' and lead single 'Pissin' In The Wind.' Yet there's still plenty of the spaghetti western sneer and 60s soul flair that defined their previous releases to be heard here, and these boys from New Zealand show no signs of slowing down. Having already played several shows around their adopted city of Alicante, Spain, they've set their sights on Europe with a rag-tag tour being planned from late August till October.

SIN CITY OR BUST clearly proves Sin City's ongoing 'Exile on the Costa Blanca' songwriting sessions still bear powerful fruit. So take a bite and let that forbidden juice dribble down yo chin...

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