Tuesday, August 25, 2020

OUT TODAY! Blasphemous Putrefaction - "Prelude To Perversion"

You just can’t fake it, you know? That special kind of filth and feeling of utter abomination. You can’t. It has to come straight from your guts, like a sudden urge to vomit. Some say call it instinct, others will probably choose blind devotion instead but whatever it is, BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION is death metal incarnated. But death-metal at its most primal and gnarly, where the riffs are more dragged in the mud screaming than actually performed and where there’s no room for melody nor any other sign of normal human feeling. No, what we have here is disgusting, necro and downtuned madness.

The band was founded in June 2017 by Satanic Death Vulva (strings, vomits) and Tar Morion (drums, noise) who had already played together in DECIBEL REBELS and, most notably, in GENOCIDE with whom they released last year the massive piece of blasphemy known as Demonic Rituals In The Shadow Of Endless Fire. Thus throughout the years, they’ve developed an almost telepathic relationship, Morion rough and almost ritualistic drumming completing perfectly Vulva sluggish playing. While some will instantly recognize the latter caveman guitar style from his work with the gasmask terrorists GOATBLOOD and while it’s true they share the same obsession for the most bestial form of extreme metal possible, BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION truly remains a beast on its own.

First exposed on the Abominable Premonition demo in 2017 and excreted again on the Festering Plagues EP two years later, their music takes the most disgusting elements of death/doom and cult bands like (very early) INCANTATION or PUNGENT STENCH and smear them in pus and excrements. And to say that things sound as nasty, if even more, on their first proper full-length Prelude To Perversion is an understatement. The most impressive fact though about this foul aural document is that it was over a year in the making as the pair had to go through no less than three different studios before getting the right mix and master.

Actually, what’s most striking about Prelude is that unlike most of all the other war metal combos at there, BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION took the opposite sonically wise. Whereas the songs are on purpose adorned with rough arrangements and slimy parts, instead of the awaited lo-fi fuzzy sound, the listeners are instantly assaulted by a massive and powerful production, thus enhancing their bestial nature instead of taming it.

From their moniker to the album’s straight-forward artwork or its bludgeoning musical content, BLASPHEMOUS PUTREFACTION makes no mystery on what they’re all about. And Prelude To Perversion is their manifesto of hate.

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