Sunday, August 16, 2020

Thee Dirty Rats: Brazil's trash-lovin’ rockers drop new LP 'Humans Out' along new video single "Ghost Town"

Thee Dirty Rats

Thee Dirty Rats duo from Sao Paulo, Brasil, has been moving and shaking the “garage-punk” scene for a solid number of years now. Thee group features the trash-lovin’ rockers Luis Tissot (Fab. Gogoboy from Alabama, Jazz Beat Committee, Human Trash, The Great Munzini) on guitar and Fernando Hitman (one-man-band Hitman) on drums.

With instruments made from repurposed trash like a cigar-box-guitar and garbage can drums, the boys also throw in some broken down synths to round out their spastic sound. Their new 16-track LP entitled Humans Out which releases today via the mighty Brazilian label Mandinga Records, is a stunning piece of effort with most tracks clocking in at under two minutes.

The Spill Magazine is pleased to stream the new album in its entirety today along with a first time viewing of their latest video “Ghost Town” – which depicts an eerie, cartoonish vibe that combines a Flintstones/Jetsons western-style background, complete with empty discotheque crystal balls and scary phantoms aplenty. Keeping with the album’s overall themes, the video boasts no real human life forms whatsoever.

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