Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Precocious Rock Singer/Songwriter Griffin Holtby Brings the Heat on Emotive Video “The Fire”

On his new single “The Fire”, Holtby sings about “addiction and love and how those things are intertwined. It's based on a codependent relationship I had at the time, a relationship I had when I was fighting with and trying to push my family away. Teens with abandonment challenges stupidly do that until they realize their parents will always be there for them.”

Holtby’s influences span across genres and generations. Growing up listening to icons like Jack White, Dave Grohl, and Kingfish Ingram, Holtby developed a deep passion for Rock ‘n’ Roll. Throughout his teens, he found great admiration for pop artists and bands like Maroon 5, Jack Johnson and John Mayer. He has been a part of multiple bands and projects, and has gone on several US tours with stops at legendary venues like Whiskey A GoGo in L.A., UndergroundArts in Philly and Trees in Dallas. Many listeners will be impressed with the depth of soulfulness in Holtby’s voice. It is a quality that, like the aforementioned overall feel of the track, comes across as something natural rather than put on or stagy. He never has to push his voice into uncomfortable territory and invests the lyrics with confident authority that never threatens to become strident. Holtby’s diverse musical background and Dallas roots combine when finding his authentic voice in “The Hell Series”.

Holtby has been consistently outspoken about his struggles with depression, anxiety and abandonment issues. He was recently a part of the “Living with Purpose” program on iHeartRadio. Holtby always reminds his teenage listeners, “If you feel like I did when I was 14, the most courageous thing you can do is to get help”. 

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