Monday, December 7, 2020

JVCKJ Releases Debut Independent Solo EP 'Pastel: The Early Days'

JVCKJ—best known for being one half of the multi-platinum pop duo Jack & Jack—releases his debut independent solo project Pastel: The Early Days today! The 7-song EP is filled with carefully thought-out lyrics of reflection layered over exciting and diverse instrumentation.

About the project, JVCKJ said, “PASTEL stands for Progression Always Starts Through Experiencing Life. I have always had a deep affinity for pastel colors. They make me feel at peace... they are easy on the eyes. Pastels are also the progressive state of any given color. Not too saturated, not too dull, but somewhere right in the middle. I’ve also realized they are a reflection of us. Progressing, trying to saturate ourselves and make life more vivid day by day. We will never be fully be where we want in life. There’s always room for improvement, and that’s okay. It all starts with stepping outside of your comfort zone

In addition to the release, JVCKJ is set to perform a livestream concert via Moment House on December 5th 6PM PT/ 9PM ET. The show, titled “Pastel Live: The Early Days” will give viewers the chance to experience his debut solo EP performed live in its entirety for the very first time. Click HERE to buy tickets!

Pastel: The Early Days follows the release of and includes JVCKJ’s self-produced and written single “Bad News,” a timely politically charged rant, reflecting on the current state of the world. Click HERE to watch the video! “Bad News” marked the second offering from JVCKJ, following his debut release, “You Lie”. The single produced by Ryan Ogren (Maroon 5, Lil Wayne, Anitta) was added to VEVO’s Incoming Pop playlist. Earlier this fall, he was also featured on “In Between” with his long-time childhood best friend Sammy Wilk.

JVCKJ signifies a new chapter for Jack & Jack’s, Jack Johnson. From growing a massive online audience making videos in his childhood home in Omaha, Nebraska, to now countless sold out tours, multi-platinum records, a billion-plus streams and numerous other musical accolades, Jack has always been a creative force. In a lot of ways, JVCKJ is a true exploration of Jack Johnson’s individual musical interests and lyrical ability.

After founding Jack & Jack in 2013 with his childhood best friend, Jack Gilinsky, he was able to put some of his creative ideas to work. This, of course, helped take their artistry all over the world. Outside of their personal relationship, it was always understood that they would want to explore artistic ideas separately at some point.

Channeling this drive and creative energy, JVCKJ will prove to be one of the most distinct new voices in hip-hop. Despite his previous sonic identity as part of Jack & Jack, this new venture will show a true yet different side of Jack’s musical ability.

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