Wednesday, December 16, 2020

London trash-bop merchants Oh! Gunquit, drop third studio album and new video single, 'Last Day On Earth'

London based 5-piece are a band of exotic sci-fi surf-punk freaks who concoct a wild brew of gloriously trashy rock n roll. The nucleus of the group started after Tina (Vocals) & Simon (Guitar) became neighbors and after frequenting the same sweaty cellar dance nights around town they formed the group creating a vibrant blend of fiery garage-rock/surf-punk/exotica crossover. Oh! Gunquit are named in part to a town in Maine US which was an artists colony in the 1800's originally coined by the Abenaki Indians and in part to the idea of all guns quitting. Currently consisting of the finest line-up to date this creature contains members from USA, Colombia, Spain & UK. The soundtrack to B-movies, road trips, & adventuring…..Their unique live gigs are a blur of howling vox, buzzsaw guitars, sleazy horns, rumbling toms, and crazed R&R fun.'

The Group have released four 7" singles & three studio albums to date with the second of which was ‘Single of the Week’ in Artrocker Magazine. Their track ‘Bad Bad Milk’ was released in Japan on garage-rock compilation featuring the band ‘5,6,7,8’s’ and the single ‘Sinkhole’ was released on One Little Indian Imprint -WINWIN Records.

The group have just released their third studio album from London's exotic, twisted psych garage-rock gang. Recorded together live in Hackney Wick's analogue Studio; Gizzard with additional remixes by South London's Trashmouth Productions. The album is a further expansion of their sci-fi future rock n roll sound with many elements combined to create a storm of garagey post-punk sleaze-filled fun. With songs about dystopian visions & celebratory situations Oh! Gunquit coupled with Tina's fervid vocals compel you to get loose and slay the day!

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