Tuesday, July 13, 2021

KILLER KIN: Ball-breaking, black leather sporting, garage-punk outfit prep debut 7" 'Sonic Love'

Killer Kin is a screaming, sonic, rockin’ waltz that actually rolls; garage-punks claiming to be the descendants of Arthur “Killer” Kane make rock n roll feel dangerous again.

Frustrated duo Mattie Lea and Chloe Rose write ball-breaking, black leather sporting, soundtrack-to-your revenge songs. In 2018, the pair formed the band, recruited the rest of the gang, and it began to burgeon and burn.

Notorious for these untamed exhibitions the Kin sate a deep-desire for reprisal, retribution, revenge, and will cut the words from your motor mouth and brandish a blues that will make you want to bounce to the beat in your black boots.

In 2021 the band will release their debut vinyl 45 called Sonic Love on Pig Baby Records, which will be followed up by a full length in early 2022 the Killer Kin is COMING FOR YOU!

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