Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Alison Sudol Shares Playful New Single “Playground”

American singer-songwriter and actor Alison Sudol released her third and latest single “Playground” off her upcoming autobiographical album Still Come The Night, to be released Friday, September 30 via Kartel Music Group. Sudol previously released “Peaches” and “Meteor Shower from the upcoming album.

In Sudol’s words, “Playground” is “a celebration of finding the person that makes [Sudol] stupidly happy.” The song is a collaborative effort with Sudol, London based multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer Chris Hyson, who is half of the band Snowpoet, and the musicians who make up Sudol’s backing band that plays on the upcoming album: Alex and Lloyd Haines, Welsh twin brothers, on the guitar and drums, and engineer Alex Killpatrick.

The song has a wonderful indie sound, with fun and playful lyrics.

“All the windows open and your legs around me / We were one time strangers, now we’re trying to make a baby / Oh my heart’s over-pumping and your mouth is an ambulance / Oh I can’t stop laughing, I don’t know if I can stand it,”

Sudol simply explains these lyrics as “[w]e knew we wanted to a make a baby with each other pretty much from the get go. We felt like teenagers, responsible ones.”

“We wanted to make something that we could dance to so we were trying out grooves and testing them out to see what would make us move. We added the guitar counter melodies through a Leslie Cab at Livingstone Studios in London a few months later which brought another layer of colour and texture that the song was calling for. In that same session we added percussion which we all played in the room together, some of us stopping and starting at different times in the song, following the arrangement,” Sudol reveals, diving deeper into the creative and songwriting process.

Stream “Playground” here.

Pre-Order Still Come The Night here.

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