Thursday, June 15, 2023

Calliope Wren "Her and I" New Pride Anthem

Singer/songwriter, musician, and advocate for the LGBTQ Community Calliope Wren has announced her anthemic new single “Her and I” is now available on all the major music services.

"Her and I", which in line with its June release, celebrates pride, personal freedom and the journey of individual exploration.

"For people who may need a song like this (I know I did when I was exploring my sexuality), it’s about the embracing of something new and different, that just feels right." - Calliope Wren

As is said of the wren, “for such a small bird, it has a remarkably loud voice”, and Calliope Wren has been stretching those powerful pipes.

Not unlike her ancient ancestral namesake, Calliope (Wren) is “pure eloquence. Her poetry is epic! The ecstatic harmony of her voice makes her the Chief of all Muses”.

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