Saturday, June 22, 2024

Introducing... Hawaii from Italian pop-rockers Alan

Alan are: Alex Malaguti, vocals, Andrea Chirico, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and guitarist, Marco Mancin, drummer and Giuseppe Dalano, bassist.

All four members have been active in the Italian underground music scene for over 20 years. Their project was born out of a series of online creative sessions, driven by the need to set current affairs to music, from politics to civic sense, from feelings to human relationships, with an invitation to reflection and introspection.

With 70,000 streams on Spotify and 150,000 views on YouTube, the Italian public has shown its appreciation for a completely self-produced band.

Electro-rock arrangements that look to a glorious past, a sound clearly inspired by the 90s, and a relentless rhythm: for The Alan are making music means taking a stand, not being afraid to say what they think, and trying to subvert the system.

Alan have been releasing music since 2023, reaching notable positions in some of the most renowned Italian indie charts and receiving praise from some of Italy's most important publications and portals.

Their new single Hawaii is an anthem to lightness as understood by the Italian writer Italo Calvino, who commented, "Lightness is not superficiality, but soaring above things, not having boulders on your heart".

In this vein, the single, exploring summer atmospheres of nostalgic past, tells of love affairs that are born and end without too much drama and of life that flows in other events because people are made of a continuous reborn.

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