Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Twin Shadow: Confess


Florida's George Lewis Jr. is not stuck in the 80's or is he? Hipsterland loves Twin Shadow, but they love something new every week, or whatever Pitchfork.com tell them to like. The current state of the music industry is pathetic, with facebook fan wars and twitter followers deciding almost nothing, the only way I see to participate in the business, is to tour and a lot. Twin Shadow does tour a lot. For that, I respect the album for what it is, but I still call this temporary music, and Lewis's leather jacket will be a hoodie with the change of the times. Aside from the cultural outlook, I don't find much to like about this music. Sure, it's good to do blow with your friends to, but even that gets old. That's how I feel about this album, it's like a line of coke. Cool for a minute, boring quick.

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