Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Congratulations are in order for Yungblud who has just scored his first ever Gold certified single!

It's already been a monumentally massive year for the Doncaster lad, but he's showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. His latest achievement is '11 Minutes', his collaborative single with Halsey and Travis Barker, being officially certified Gold in the US.

A gold certification in the US is equivalent to selling 500,000 units - so that's a whole lot of love for '11 Minutes'!

Speaking about how Yungblud ended up with Travis Barker on the track, Dom shared "It was crazy, it was mental. I remember I programmed the drums and was like ‘we’ve gotta get live drums on this’. And Zakk Cervini my producer was like ‘do you know who would sound dope on this? Travis Barker.’"

"And I was just like ‘…you’re right.’ And then in my head I was like ‘how do we get Travis Barker on the track?’. And Ash - Halsey - obviously goes ‘I’ve got his number!’ And I’m just like ‘of course you do’. And Zakk goes ‘Actually I’ve got his number too’ and I’m like ‘of course you do!’."

He continued "So they text him, and 20 minutes later he’s in the studio. And I’m just stood there with my jaw wide open like- 13 year old me is dead right now. What?! That’s Travis Barker playing drums on my song!

"He was in for 10 minutes. Came in, nailed it in one take. I was like ‘alright Travis, that was sick man. Can you just play that again, for our own entertainment?’ And he was just like ‘yeah man, no stress’. And just comes in and nails it! And that fill at the end of it, just nails it in one."

And the rest is history! And gold was made!

Congratulations to Yungblud! Watch the official video for '11 Minutes' below:


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