Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Konradsen - The Year is Over

Norwegian duo Konradsen share the tender lead single from their new EP Rodeo No. 5, out May 1st on Cascine.

Konradsen were an obvious Band To Watch choice. After one listen to debut album Saints And Sebastian Stories last year, it was clear the Norwegian duo is exceptionally good at what they do: seasoning their pretty coffeeshop indie with notes of post-rock and ghostly R&B, drawing listeners into something powerfully intimate. It’s just insanely beautiful music, sophisticated and tender. I love it.

Blessedly, the band is back this spring with a new EP called Rodeo No. 5. They explained the project in a statement: “While last year’s album was crafted meticulously, this EP is focused on fleeting, immediate moments — trying to capture the raw fragments that drift by in everyday life. It’s an ode to the small choices we make everyday.” Lead single “The Year Is Over” welcomes us back into the warm embrace of Jenny Marie Sabel’s vocals, which bob gracefully across the shapeshifting soundscape she constructed with Eirik Vildgren. “This song in particular is about leaving home,” Konradsen write, “about that small gap in your life when everything is new and you feel invincible.”

Rodeo No. 5 is out 5/1 on Cascine. Pre-order it here.

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