Sunday, April 19, 2020

Morning Splendor with Pauline Anna Strom

Friends & Fiends.

Whether bending space and time through her cosmic music, speaking with those in remote places in need of spiritual comfort, caring for her beloved lizards, or inspiring our little label in so many ways, Pauline Anna Strom has proven herself a true consort, or companion, over and over. We’ve gone through a lot with Pauline in the decade that we’ve been friends, but not nearly as much as she’s gone through herself. Her story, and her being, is shaped by determination and a comfortable embrace of other realities. 

In 2017, we offered Trans-Millenia Music, a collection of music from the three albums and four cassettes Pauline recorded and released between 1982 and 1988. The double LP was an epic effort to get across the release line, but when it got there, the response made our journey worth every extra mile. We knew that there was a deep appreciation for Pauline's music in certain circles, but we weren't anticipating that depth to ripple into increasingly bigger circles as TMM made its way into the universe.

Our vinyl edition has been sold out at source for quite some time. Today, we are overjoyed to offer a new edition of Trans-Millenia Music in both new color and standard limited vinyl pressings. This will most likely be the last pressing we'll make of this collection as Pauline and RVNG train our focus on other journeys. (We've hinted before that Paula has been working on new music, and we might be hinting at that again).

Our warehouse continues full operations amidst this global mess thanks to a dedicated and healthy team - Thomas & Jaclyn, thank you! - and we're able to offer free shipping on all domestic orders above $50. The re-press is in stock now and ships immediately.

We've always appreciated your support for Pauline, especially around her medical emergency last year. You can read a recent update on Pauline’s health at our GoFundMe page, and you can rest assured that she is safe and sound during this time of crisis. We hope that if you already know or own this collection, that you might have someone in your life who should know about this music. Oh, and as a little primer, here is an interview with Pauline from the second issue of INSIDES, our infrequent, in-house publication:

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