Friday, April 10, 2020

Peter Gabriel: "I ask you an offer to help Italy"

The ex Genesis has put online two films made by his daughter Anna who filmed the concert 10 years ago at the Arena, inviting fans to donate to Civil Protection and Red Cross

It is with a long post on Instagram that Peter Gabriel made a declaration of love to Italy and announced that he had put two films online on the concert made at the Arena in Verona ten years ago. Objective: to raise funds for the Civil Protection and the Italian Red Cross engaged in the fight against coronavirus.

Gabriel's memories go back to that time: "Some of the best and most chaotic tour experiences we had when we drove across the country to play in discos by the sea or mountain soccer fields". The thanks are total: "Both Genesis and my music found a wonderful and passionate audience that sang with us during the concerts and every time I was making a live album I always asked first if it could be arranged in Italy".

And here we are at his proposal: The films have not been seen by a particularly large audience. But now many of us are at home and isolated, so we wanted to make them available to anyone interested, on the Real World Vimeo channel with the only request to contribute to the fundraising to fight the virus of the Department of Civil Protection or the Italian Red Cross . If you prefer to donate some money more locally, please do so.

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