Monday, May 11, 2020

"Family & Friends" - The Gospel According to Tommy Botz

The art of the songwriter does not come without pain and suffering. A true wordsmith must have a story to tell, whether it be a tale of redemption or the road to recovery. Without falling, one cannot learn how to pick oneself up, and without sharing what he or she learns through hard life lessons, one cannot serve any kind of artistic purpose of any significance.

Tommy Botz comes from the realm of the old school troubadours, the singer songwriters of the road. He has battled with alchohol addiction and come back from the darkness to tell his tale through song form. It's a place of sincerity and brutal honesty that his songs come from, much like the legends of the past- Gene Clark, Merle Haggard, Townes Van Zandt. He has written over 200 songs and recorded several with a full stacked top notch backing band to boot. Of these songs, you will discover Tommy Botz' authenticity, his voice and passion come through in only the way of legends.

"Maggie" starts up with pedal steel guitars and a heavy back beat with lyrics about sleeping on trains, barflys and the loss of a good woman. It's the way the 12 bar country blues was meant to be, performed with devotion and heartache.

"Train of Glory" rumbles a half-step, up tempo drum beat with Johnny Cash style vocals. It's produced like it's blasting out of a jukebox down south in a vintage concert hall filled with drifters and wanderers. 

"Teddy Bear" is Botz' prettiest ballad, a song featuring female vocals reminiscent of Emmy Lou Harris and Linda Ronstadt. Brings back memories of the early '70s L.A. Troubadour country scene. The song is a conversation with the lord, a spiritual song with beautifully arranged strings and piano. 

Tommy Botz has been around the bend, a hidden gem among singer songwriters of epic folk lore. The music is executed in a masterful way unlike most mainstream country artists who just don't have much wisdom in their music. Botz' music is filled with clever wordplay, painful honesty and the poetry of the influential roadmasters of the 1960's and 70's. Perhaps a renaissance of this musical genre is coming... and Tommy Botz is willing to lead the way. 

AP: What was the first album you ever purchased?

TB: Elvis 

AP: At what age did you first learn an instrument? 

TB: Ten 

AP: Have you ever played in any other projects or has it been a solo trip from the beginning? 

TB: Was lead singer in the Chevells group and the Caesars 5 

AP: What are your thoughts on the modern country music industry? 

TB: I miss old school country and gospel 

AP: How have you evolved creatively through your experiences with addiction and recovery? 

TB: I hold the pen and GOD writes the words please listen to the words in my song Teddy Bear and I’ve never had children of my own 

AP: What should we expect next from you in the wild world of country rock? 

TB: Magic and Miracles

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