Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Liberian Artist and Musician TAKI Champions Women in Debut Single“Liberian Boy” Out May 15th!

Liberian-born, LA-based fashion designer, visual artist and musician TAKI GOLD uses his art, fashion and music for one purpose: to honor all women. In the month that celebrates Mother’s Day, TAKI’s debut single “Liberian Boy” comes out on May 15th and celebrates the women who raised and protected him as a young boy growing up during the first Liberian Civil War. “Liberian Boy” paints glimpses of the artist’s journey from his home country to Los Angeles where he lives today. The single is TAKI’s first release from his debut self-produced album, Girl God, which is set to release everywhere on July 24, 2020.

Growing up in the West African country of Liberia in the 90s, TAKI’s life would have taken a terrible turn had he not been under the care of a small group of women. One young female caretaker in particular, whom he calls his sister, guided and sheltered his mind and emotions during one of the most violent periods of his country. She taught him to see things in a positive light, to see beauty in his surroundings, no matter how terrible they were. The constant sound of artillery and missiles lighting up the sky provided his lessons for musical rhythm and visual art.

After being reunited with his parents and siblings in the US, TAKI took those lessons and taught himself how to write, play and record music. He studied poetry in college and wrote lyrics as poems. The songs that resulted now make up his debut album, Girl God, which became his homage to all women. Not keeping with one genre or sound, TAKI uses drums, organs, traditional African vocals and a variety of acoustic and electronic instruments to create each unique track. TAKI produced all seven tracks on the album with the assistance from Grammy and Emmy-Nominated Elliott Lanam, who helped to mix and master the project at Lanam’s recording studio - Hidden City Studios in Santa Barbara.

Check out the debut single “Liberian Boy” by multi-talented artist TAKI, out on May 15th. Look for TAKI’s debut album, Girl God, out on all streaming platforms on July 24th.

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