Thursday, May 21, 2020

Sammi Rae & Los Vegas Release Single and Video for “City Lights”

Budding Reggaeton duo Sammi Rae and Los Vegas released their hot new single and cutting edge video for "City Lights" on Youtube. It hits us with 10,000 volts of excitement, as it veers from english/spanish and gender confrontations, their music is energetic and hopelessly addictive. A perfect amalgam of dance music and stage presence, with tons of talent mixed. Their collaboration has been praised and on its path to global notoriety. 

Among their lyrics, "should I stay or should I go" (Ella Se Atreve) their third single, we could see this partnership has had its ups and downs and still survived intact and powerful. 

Success is the key to great pop music, and nothing will stand in its way when singles this funky are being made.

Brace yourself, take a deep breath and dive right in and enjoy an exciting and exhilarating act!

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