Monday, September 14, 2020

Garth Arum - The Fireflowers Tale

Garth Arum is a one-man-project consisting of old songs written between 1997 and 2003. Presenting the vibe of the melodic and progressive black metal music of the old days, all the music of Garth Arum is inspired in dreams and a deep voyage towards the within. The place where is located our own inner-secret-garden, which lays forgotten. This is the place where the fire flowers grow, handled by demiurges. Fire flowers are the source of creation and depending on who uses them, it will have different results. A standard person would just change their dimension, but the most powerful being would create a new universe.

First “die-hard” edition of “The Fireflowers Tale”, the marvelous second full-length album by NHT (As Light Dies, Deemtee, Aversio Humanitatis, Keltika Hispanna...) and his most personal project, Garth Arum, five long and highly elaborated songs playing a kind of avantgarde black metal with symphonic touches which are pure and simple creativity... a must for fans of bands like Arcturus, Ved Buens Ende, Dødheimsgard, Code or Fleurety...

This “die-hard” edition, limited to only 50 hand-numbered copies, comes presented in a luxury 6-panel oversized digifile pressed on exclusive matte lamination paper, includes extended artwork from the standard edition, a kind of printed “paperbag” to protect the CD, external cardboard slipcase, 8-page booklet and free album digital download card...

“The Fireflowers Tale” will be released by Darkness Within (a Darkwoods division) in jewelcase limited to 150 copies worldwide and die-hard edition presented in a luxury 6-panel oversized digifile with extras limited to only 50 hand-numbered copies.”

Garth Arum is NHT in vocals, guitars, bass, synths and drums, with the little (sometimes big) help of my friends, in this case Lady Carrot is in charge of the female choirs in Inner Secret Garden.

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