Saturday, September 12, 2020

Stiletto Feels - 'Push Back" out Oct 2nd

Stiletto Feels was founded as an experimental project in 2015. Austin-based musician Geoff Earle booked recording sessions with multiple studio players who would improvise over demo tracks after a single listen. The pieces were then collaged together over a few short months at multiple studio locations. .​

The resulting debut album, The Big Fist, was released in late 2015 to critical acclaim in the Texas music scene. Texas Monthly lauded the album as "wildly coloristic, digitally enhanced mash-up of drums, guitar riffs, synth lines, and hicuppy quick cuts", and KUTX praised it as "fearlessly striking everywhere with bolts of electro-pop, post rock and funk-inspired moments galore."

Earle put together a five-piece live act, and Stiletto Feels made the transition from theoretical to physical with a run of raucous performances, culminating in a SXSW 2016 show with fellow Austinites Golden Dawn Arkestra and The Octopus Project.

Stiletto Feels continues, this time recording with contributors like Aaron Perez of Ume, Ryan Figg of The Octopus Project, Bryan Richie of The Sword, Jimmy Vela of Think No Think, and Paul Oliphint and Cody Skinner of Stiletto Feels' live incarnation.

‘Propelled on intoxicating musical momentum” (OVRLD) here is the forthcoming Stiletto Feels follow-up album Push Back, including a single and music video recorded and edited entirely in quarantine called "That's Gonna Leave A Mark", dedicated to the prescient themes of the pandemic.

Push Back comes out worldwide on October 2nd, 2020.

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