Thursday, October 29, 2020

Yet another stunning single from Henriette Sennenvaldt ✨

Our latest signing has a new track for you! Henriette Sennenvaldt of the widely acclaimed Danish band Under Byen has released 'Clumsy', the second single of her upcoming debut solo album, Something Wonderful.

Following the New York Times review of her debut single, 'New Skill', Sennenvaldt has given us 'Clumsy'; an exploration of repetition, confusion, and ecstasy. Sennenvaldt explains, "I travelled to Chicago and spent days walking about the city, looking at life in a different place. I saw a work by Spencer Finch in which a solar-powered ice cream truck served cones the colors of the sunset. I saw a photo series by Carrie Schneider in which a house keeps burning over the course of several seasons. I wanted this song to be shaped like waking up from the same dream several times. Repetitive, but not repetitive enough for you to relax, quiet but noisy at the same time, like not knowing which reality to put your money on. The saxophones of the song are nerve-like to me, fast and anxious, and loud. The drums are like a muscular kid. Too big, too small, not quite right, that sort of awkwardness was always fascinating to me." Listen to this haunting new track wherever you get your music, and stay tuned for the music video premiere later this week.

Something Wonderful is out November 13th. Pre-order it now on limited-edition, orange crush vinyl.

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