Sunday, January 9, 2022

Mist Tower - OBSESSION

Ukraine's Mist Tower, Artyom Matiienko (vocals); Alexandr Hodosevych (guitar); Andrew "" (guitar); Yaroslav Starovich (drums) and Simon Buzzkeeper (bass) describe themselves as a band who gathered together to "smoke and play music".

"Obsession" is a very satisfying and enjoyable EP, a collection of five songs that blends elements of heavy psych and stoner metal together with doom but does so without getting overly dark or dense, the band achieving this by allowing plenty of space within the compositions for them to breathe, still keeping things heavy but not over compacting everything so it all becomes a relentless dirge.

"Each of us tried to put in his own obsessions, which follow us every day. It found a way out partly in music, partly in lyrics.
All our songs are about it, in some way we are obsessed with an obsession. It’s hard not to sing about it when you see all this waltz of life around.
We were trying to understand how to set the guitars right, tried different methods, so we had to use math, physics, and even some occult rituals."

For fans of Electric Wizard, All Them Witches, Kyuss, Mars Red Sky,

Tracks recorded in More Music Club
Mixed and mastered by Gennadiy Boychenko


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