Saturday, November 26, 2022

The Immaculate Crows Release Single “Business Girl” From Album “And Then There Were Two”

This delightful new single from The Immaculate Crows album "And Then There Were Two" harkens back to Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground, Phil Spector, Bob Dylan, the 1960's jingle jangly songs that feel so good on a bright and sunny weekend afternoon. It's a pleasant break from all the current electronic pop music on the radio, a more vintage offering stylistically.

"Business Girl" is the latest from Australia based songwriter/composer Bruce Neilson. It features doubled up pixies vocals, harmonica and beautiful arpeggio guitar leads on top of a colorful palette of diverse instrumentation. Songs like this remind us good old fashioned indie rock is all we need!

Enjoy it with your morning cup of coffee to set the mood and good vibes throughout the day!

Produced by Carolyn Neilsen, the upbeat and hopeful “Business Girl” was one of the first tunes Bruce wrote and performed as The Immaculate Crows during their inception in the early 1980’s. The composition, which is about women’s emancipation, is also possibly one of the first #MeToo songs ever written.


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