Monday, November 28, 2022

Chilean rockers The Versions drop forthcoming album teaser single 'Wake Up' w/ B-side tribute to Flamin' Groovies

After 2020's stunning release of “Calling Lucifer”, Chilean 'dust rock' darlings The Versions return with a double shot of pure "glammy sleaze" with “Wake Up” which is the first track from their long-awaited FOURTH, forthcoming album, "Back In The Game".

The four veteran musicians of the Versions joined forces in 2004 and have since been a flagship of Chile's robust garage and psych scene.

The Versions group, made up of Álvaro Gómez (drums and backing vocals), Samuel Maquieira (guitar and vocals), Luciano Mariño (guitar and backing vocals), and Alejandro Gómez (bass and backing vocals)

The single was produced by Barry Sage (The Rolling Stones, New Order, Pet Shop Boys, among others), and it blends 70s rock and garage with a touch of downtown dirty glam, think Flamin’ Groovies vs. Motley Crue.

“I think everyone was very focused on the sound we wanted to produce for the record and the band, being from a gigging background, were very tight and well-rehearsed," says Barry.

"Not much of a challenge to record, however one can become a little lazy these days with production and rely on copying and pasting, auto-tuning, and the like. When you record a band like the Versions, without clicks, and recording live in the same room, you have to capture the magic take, and build upwards from there. Which is what making great records is all about.”

Recorded during the peak of the pandemic, The Versions' Ale Gómez recalls the new album as an example of the complicity of its members and the technical mastery of its producer. “The recording experience with Barry Sage was unique, precise, and unrepeatable. “Wake Up” is sound empathy.”

"Wake Up" and "Slow Death" are now available on all streaming platforms.

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