Saturday, May 11, 2024

Congolese Guitarist Marius Billgobenson Soothes Our Weary Ears with “A Little Bit Of Honey”

Marius Billgobenson is not just an artist; he's an ambassador whose life experiences and passion for music have shaped his extraordinary journey. Hailing from the Congo and now residing in Stockholm, Sweden, Billgobenson's artistic prowess transcends borders, making him a true musical citizen of the world.

Billgobenson is proud to release his highly anticipated single "A Little Bit of Honey" — a smooth anthem for weary ears recorded in Los Angeles with two-time grammy winning producer Paul Brown. “Honey” is a poetic expression of love and the transformative power it holds. This soulful track invites listeners into a world of warmth and affection, where the sweetness of life is celebrated through captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Infused with jazz, R&B, and soul influences, “A Little Bit of Honey'' showcases Billgobenson’s musical versatility and Brown’s production expertise. The track had help from editor Jaqui Brown and was backed by sought-after session musicians David Garfield, Ron King, Tony Braunadel, Shane Theriot and Freddie Washington.

Drawing inspiration from legendary artists such as Van Morrison, Bill Withers, and Bob Marley, Billgobenson's music is a fusion of their songwriting prowess and his unique artistic vision. His latest release is a testament to his creative evolution and his commitment to crafting emotionally resonant melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Marius Billgobenson's roots lie in a small Congolese village, where he was immersed in the enchanting sounds of the local people and their harmonious existence with the forest. His upbringing, coupled with his experiences living among the forest people during Congo's civil war, laid the foundation for his musical career. Witnessing the discrimination faced by marginalized communities fueled his activism, leading him to amplify their voices through his music.

During the war, Billgobenson spent months in the forest, facing unimaginable challenges. Yet, amidst adversity, he found solace in the traditional knowledge and care of the forest people, emerging with a renewed appreciation for life and a commitment to human rights advocacy.

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