Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Greg Hoy & The Boys "Leaving While You Stay" - Single and Video Premiere

Greg Hoy's newest single/video, “Leaving You While You Stay” opens with a crunching blues riff and howling vocals about watching and observing people as they stay put during the current political climate. The song builds nicely with a solid and steady groove along ripping guitar riffs. The comparison to Led Zeppelin is gloriously unshakeable and authentic in its rawest rock form and vintage production. 

From the rhythm section of Dennis Galway (drums), Mark Nichoson (bass), or the vocal range and tonality, as well as lyrical structured flow of Greg Hoy, the band sounds like a post-punk Led Zeppelin brought into 2020. It was recorded to classic two inch tape at Tiny Telephone studios in San Francisco, heavy and in your face, the way true rock and roll was meant to sound.

The "Leaving While You Stay" video is an exceptionally resonant response to our precarious circumstances: If you elect a clown, you're going to get a circus. The impact of an unparalleled catastrophe in the extreme. The track weaves an introspective thread of political consciousness and humanism while thumping away to an unstoppable hard-hitting drum beat.

"Leaving While You Stay" was to coincide with the canceled west coast summer tour #saveourstages = COVID PAIN.

The single, part of a batch of 11 new tracks gets its video release today on YouTube. Watch below:

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