Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Psych pop band KEYS unveil new single "This Side Of Luv" Out via Libertino

Cardiff Psych Pop band KEYS unveil brand new single recorded entirely at home using cassette four track recorders, re-connecting with bedroom recording, and the magic it can produce.

“The hiss is another instrument” and it’s an instrument integral to the new recordings, sounds and songs by KEYS. Over the next few weeks we will be unveiling the latest collection of songs by the band, as Matthew Evans (vocals, guitar, songwriter) explains: “We recorded these tracks on Cassette four track machines during lockdown. Let’s not pretend we had access to an expensive studio, we didn’t. It was a time to connect with bedroom songwriting again. These are not band arrangements worked out in a rehearsal room – these were written and recorded simultaneously. Not demos but songs that took shape during the recording process.”

The hiss of the cassette turning is the sound of the endless possibilities and magic of the pop song spilling out in vivid colours at the exact moment inspiration took hold. No second guessing or over thinking, only the joy of creating.

A perfect example of this is the first single ‘This Side of Luv’. “This was our attempt at joyous early 70’s Midlands pop. 3-day weeks, winters of discontent, a Tory government… yet out of that bleakness came some heroic, ecstatic British pop music.

Music has the power to lift the spirit, if we can do that for 3 and a half minutes then we’ll feel our efforts were not in vain.” Matthew summarizes this collection of songs, also written in trying times, as: “something to help us get through this lockdown. Hopefully you can use it too.”

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