Thursday, June 25, 2020

Sammi Rae Releases Reggaton Single “Nunca”

Captivating reggaeton singer Sammi Rae has released her single and lyric video for the track “Nunca”; available Friday June 12th on YouTube and all the major services.

With a vibe and a sound that brings to mind a sunset over an island bay, “Nunca” is a timeless tale about the perils of love. Once you really care about and trust someone, it seems like you are ultimately let down every time. Your kindness is taken advantage of, you are being taken for granted, and you end up getting hurt.

Well now, she’s done being judged and criticized for her caring ways! She’s not gonna change who she is for anyone, especially not someone who doesn’t appreciate or value her.

This past year Sammi Rae, who has been praised by audiences nationwide for her strong and soulful voice and sultry demeanour, found her voice in the reggaeton genre with several releases alongside Los Vegas; where the back and forth call and answer formula between the female/male and english/spanish is implemented precisely with a tension and passion that is palpable for any listener. Tracks included the sexy and unpredictable sound of "City Lights", the duo’s original collaboration “Escapate” and the bouncing singles "Baby Baila" and "Ella Se Atreve".

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