Wednesday, September 30, 2020

From Beantown to Brooklyn - The Sebbalution!* Continues as Lil Sebby Releases Sebbrooklyn!*

Fresh off his impressive debut album, Lil Sebby is set to explode on the rap scene with his highly anticipated new single “Sebbrooklyn!*”. The song gives fans a small taste for what’s potentially in store for the star’s new direction but instead of sounding like an expansion of his previous album, it sounds like a smoother and tasty reboot. Listeners already have an idea of what a Lil Sebby song will sound like but “Sebbrooklyn!*” is more sophisticated and straightforward. His style is fresh and the flow just got funkier.

“Sebbrooklyn!*” stands out for its maximalist, slick and polished production. The single is a druggy kaleidoscope of timbres and textures, making room for psychedelic trap drums, hazy synth noises, haunted sound effects, Rihanna-esque vocal swells, futuristic start-stop song hits while remaining cohesive and sonically structured. “Sebbrooklyn!*” is a funhouse trip par excellence, and there are several cuts on the full length album that will surely still be heard booming from clubs, college parties and hiphop radio well into the future.

“Sebbrooklyn!*” is available now on Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Apple Music and all the major services.

Boston born Lil Sebby is a Hip Hop artist who is quickly gaining international notoriety and positive acknowledgement from his peers. Now living in Brooklyn, New York, the auto-tune aficionado separates himself from others in the genre with a familiar yet unique twist to the game, regularly bringing exceptional lyrics and captivating live performances to the table. Whether you’re in the mood to jump up and party or just listen to Hip Hop with a spin, Lil Sebby is the ultimate showman.

Lil Sebby’s debut album release, “The Sebbalution!*”, exceeded all expectations, with strong streaming numbers and local buzz helping the record make its way around the underground scene. As a follow up, Sebby’s newest project, “Sebbrooklyn!*”, enters a genre many may find foreign for the 23-year old. While still incorporating his signature autotune and infectious hype, Lil Sebby finds himself tapping into the “drill music” scene for inspiration; providing a whole new outlook on Lil Sebby and his bright future.

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