Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Thomas Priest "Wake Up Call" is a rocker!

This is one of the hottest EP's to drop all year! Thomas Priest is a singer/songwriter from New York with songs you won't forget!

'Pop Rock' is led by young artists today like Thomas Priest. The songs are upbeat, catchy melodies with a smart lyrical charm. The first three songs are full throttle rockers. "Safe Tonight" features awesome chorus harmonies with Lindsay Mac, easily one of the best tracks I've heard all year. "Ignorance" is more experimental and synth-ambient, changing the course of the EP's direction to a more mellow tone. "What Do We Do" is the greatest Noel Gallagher song he wish he wrote! An epic closing ballad to a perfect EP.

"Wake Up Call" is indie rock waiting for the mainstream to drink its morning coffee. This is the jolt we need on the radio today. Priest has a soulful voice, warm in tone and emotionally resonant. His lyrics are very relatable and sincere. Some of the tunes sound like something The Strokes or Stereophonics would do, but more modern and sharper production. There is a fresh in-studio organic vibe, very well-recorded with high level quality and top notch musicians. Keep em coming Thomas!

Thomas Priest is a fast rising music star from East Northport, Long Island. On his 13th birthday, Thomas began jamming on the electric guitar and realized that he had a real passion for music, immersing himself in the art and quickly learning to play the acoustic and bass guitars as well. He began songwriting and playing live a few years later; his first performance being at his High School’s talent show when he was just 15. Over time, Thomas learned he also had a knack for singing and within a year of that first show the now competent and confident Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist began writing and recording his own songs in a studio. After completing two incredible tracks which immediately became the talk of his hometown, Thomas set his sights on making his dream to become a professional nationally touring musician come true.

Earlier this year, Thomas had the pleasure of recording his second EP in Nashville, TN with Rian Dawson of All Time Low as Producer. The fruits of their labor can be heard on this brand new EP entitled "Wake Up Call", which is now available everywhere. Thomas Priest isn't looking back, he’s charging forward. No prayers needed; he’s got the drive, determination and most of all the exceptional talent required to truly succeed. Listen online and decide for yourself. You’ll want to catch him performing LIVE in a city near you very soon!

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